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Self published

Paperback / softback

Edition of 700

Design by Ben Kelway

Book : 290 x 200 mm

Page count : 170

ISBN: 978-84-09-04498-6


‘Evidences’ is a curated collection of photos taken over a period of five years. With these 79 photographs, Suffo Moncloa constructs a meditative journey, a multifaceted dialogue between images based on decontextualized language, with evocations from form, colour, implied mystery, and the inherent power of the image itself. The collection’s narratives deal directly with the elements that make up our world, but also with the idea of creating a timeless image. It includes evidences from the working process, dark room experimentation, and reconstruction. The idea of materiality becomes central; capturing moments when a vision can be transformed into an object, or something else.


17 8 176 8 6 (Evidences)

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