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Dimensions: 220 x 300 mm

Closed: 220 x 300 mm - open: 440 x 300 mm

212 pages

Swiss binding


The inaugural issue of Montana celebrates the work of the Spanish photographer Suffo Moncloa. 


Following Montana's signature structure, Moncloa lenses five of his muses from fashion industry in Paris, London and New York, collaborating with industry emerging creatives to create compelling visual contents. From the timeless elegance of Vivien's monochrome tale to the enchanting darkness of Topsy's bat-inspired romance, and the intimate exploration of Xiao Wen's Tudor Brooklyn residency, Moncloa casts his artistic vision across diverse landscapes, inviting the beauty of exploration to intertwine with the creative synergy at play.


In the Conversation section, we peek behind the curtain of Moncloa's world as he shares a delightful afternoon with the esteemed Belgian painter Michäel Borremans in his studio. Picture a late April afternoon, filled with warmth and camaraderie as these two creative souls engage in lighthearted banter. Their conversation dances around topics of photography, beauty, and inspiration, ultimately leading them to a shared conclusion: Velazquez's work retains a modern relevance. This encounter offers readers a rare insight into the mind of Suffo Moncloa, revealing how he navigates the world of art and incorporates influences into his own creative process.


As Issue 0 draws to a close, the final section, "carte blanche," unfolds with a heartfelt conversation featuring the equally Taurus-signed Tallulah Harlech, a cherished friend of Montana. In this intimate exchange, we glimpse the origins of Montana through her eyes. Alongside her, embracing the spirit of experimentation and creativity, photography stalwart David Campany lends his pen to craft a poignant short story ¨Casting¨, a departure from his renowned essays and articles on photography. Paired with a retrospective of Moncloa's work, our journey culminates in "The Visitor," a visual fiction inspired by Moncloa´s whimsical view on aliens.

Montana Issue 0 by Suffo Moncloa

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